Tips For Car Care in Summer To Make Your Car Cool and Well-Maintained

Extreme heat can put a toll on you and your vehicle. Some important tips to take care of your car in summer. As India’s geographical location is such that, it faces high temperature in many parts. And to add to the woes not only humans but vehicles under the scorching sun faces it. Our vehicles go through a  lot under the sun ,if it is parked outside and to add to the woes is  the slow traffic. It not only damages our car, but it also fastens its aging process. Therefore, to counter this, you need to take some measures. Now days, there are many good doorstep car services, which are giving all these at your doorstep.

Easylives car care advises you to try to keep your car , if possible under  a shade, and if that is not possible, then keep your windows slightly opened to let in fresh air and maintain cool inside . You can use dark sunshade while car is parked to balance the temperature.


Top Points of Car Care in Summer:-  


1) AC, Service Is Must

AC service to be done. During summer, without AC, we cannot imagine to venture out. But to keep it effective, we need to take professional help. Dirt and grime accumulates with time, as a result your AC doesn’t give that much of cool and also takes more time. If your car is parked for long period in scorching heat, the moment you enter into your car, don’t switch on the AC. First keep the windows open for a while, and then switch on the AC. Once you see that the temperature of your car interiors at par with the exterior temperature, then close the windows and switch on the AC, the AC will be cool more quickly.



Always remember keep a check on the coolants, if the level is low, during the summer your vehicle, you car can break down, due to overheating. So, it is advised by Easy lives doorstep car care to check their coolant level time to time and keep it filled. Get your radiator serviced, check for any leaks. Always go for the best quality coolants.



Always check your engine oil’s level and get it topped up with the right oil. It is advised by easylives door step car care that always use high heat resistant grade, which helps to control the wear and tear under extreme operating conditions.



In summer, due to extreme heat the fluid of car battery gets evaporated, it is always advised to get it checked, check, weather there is some corrosion on the battery terminal. Checking the fluid level and filling with distilled water top ups are always to be in safer side.



In summer, always keep your tyre with optimum air pressure. Some people are sheer lazy and sometimes, neglect to check and fill the air, and that can be fatal to the car and the passenger. The tyres due to extreme heat can deflate and cause tyre bursting. Besides this due to low air pressure the longevity of air also gets reduced.


6) Polish protection 

Easylives doorstep car wash in gurgaon suggests, that go for paint protection treatment and wax coating treatment. Always do it under the professional guidance of good company. Never compromise with the products. Always go for the best products which are available in the market. Wax layer is given on the exterior of the car to give protection from rain, as well as to act as shield from extreme harsh climate.  It is always advised to go for it before summers.



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