Welcome To Easylives Eco Car Wash


Entrepreneurship is over-glorified and misrepresented on social media . In reality, it is about building a business that solves a problem for a customer.

It is a Gurgaon based start-up company with small team driven by a Lady Entrepreneur  (supported with industry experts )  who started this journey based on her real problem faced for cleaning the car and pledged to contribute to society in different way.

We provide doorstep car cleaning services that offer eco-friendly steam car wash & detailing at decent price.

We have a sense of urgency about time and environment and thus, we are committed to deliver our services on schedule while using the least amount of water.

We commit to make your life easier with Easylives ( LOGO )

steam car wash


  • We want to provide our customers with doorstep car cleaning and detailing . We understand that due to hectic schedule and lack of safety in the modern day setup it is impossible to step out and give our car the much needed cleaning and attention . We aim to solve that problem, so that you remain tension free and spend your free time with your loved ones.
  • We understand the grave environment situation, thus our techniques use the least amount of water for cleaning. We save 300 liters of water for every car we clean as compared to traditional fixed car wash station. We count every drop of water we use for car washing at Easylives.
  • As more and more women have joined the workforce, driving car has become necessity. As women, they can’t go to stationed car cleaner due to many constraints. We aim to provide them the comfort and flexibility of cleaning the car at their doorstep without comprising on service quality. 
  • Cars are breeding ground for several germs and viruses, thus affecting us seriously without our knowledge. We realize that the regular cleaner cleans the car superficially, what looks clean is in reality cesspool of germs. Therefore we aim to not clean it from outside but also deep clean to maintain good interior hygiene. Healthy car ! Healthy Life!
  • And while we make you part of our happy family we also aim to extend our family not only in Delhi-NCR but throughout India.