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Why Choose Easylives Car Wash? Us ?


Our Eco van is equipped with state of art complete work station, can visit your desired location to wash your car. Be it office, home, or any place at your convenience.

Now you can book, pay and manage your car wash from your mobile, desktop or laptop conveniently.


At Easylives, we count every drop 💧of water. We wash entire vehicle with only 10 ltr of water by using our steam wash technology as against 300 ltrs of water in case of traditional service washing centre ,which is a sheer wastage of valuable resources.

Our steam wash technology not only saves water but also makes the car proper clean, germ free and odour free.

Professional Team

We have experienced car wash professionals.

They have been trained in washing and detailing of any car make.

We offer multiple auto detailing services for every segment of car on a single click of button.

Premium Service

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We use top of line equipment and organic branded solutions which make sure your car is cleaned and devoid of any stains, germs, damage and odour.

We give importance to our customer's busy schedule and complete the service within the limited time at your doorstep .

Cutting-Edge Technology

Best-in-class car washes represent a new era in car care with the utilization of proper technology. Drive-on flat-belt conveyors as safe entities for exotics, dual tires & lowered vehicles. With us, Get advanced care of your vehicle with the touch of the Soft-cloth & touch-free dryers. Get high-end care with efficient, time-sensitive cleaning.

Unsurpassed Value

Get multiple car wash packages and unlimited membership plans for all budgets and needs. EasyLives Car Wash uses wheel cleaning equipment that moves with your car in the tunnel giving an intense cleaning to your wheels. The professional use all the tools and equipment for interior cleaning, window cleaning, vacuuming, rug cleaning, waxing, dusting, and hand towel drying.

Attention to detail

Doorstep car wash and dry cleaning in Gurgaon crew is dedicated to ensuring every vehicle is perfect. Our car washing agents guarantee the best quality vacuuming and demonstrate complete concern for cleaning the vehicle. The professionals utilize Exit Vacuuming, Air Guns, and Rug Beaters for professional cleaning. A state-of-the-art recycling system helps the environment.

Streamlined customer Service

Separate lines to enter the car wash tunnel ensure that the car washing is easy and convenient, letting you receive exactly the service you want! At Best Car Cleaning Services in Gurgaon, EasyLives, We take all the time we need to do a great job that you’ll be happy with.


With over 25 years in car dry cleaning at home in Gurgaon business, the professionals have the right grip on the process and know how car grooming inside out will increase the car’s longevity. They have the experience to get your vehicle looking and functioning the best every time. They use the right tools and high-quality products for a better finish.

5 Problems A Bad Car Wash Can Cause​


This is one of the most common issues caused by unprofessional car washers . Always choose professionals/ experts to wash your car. Use always microfiber clothes and branded organic solutions .

Damage Paint

Using rough clothes or the high pressure water from the machines has the potential to damage paint. Most of the time, this occurs when your vehicle has previous damage. If there is a chip in the paint, the pressure from the water can spread the issue.

Bad Chemical

Depending on the type of chemicals the car wash company uses to clean might impact your vehicle. Some companies utilize acid to remove grime from cars. Ultimately, this can cause more car problems by harming the exterior & interior.

Interior Smell

With lingering water comes certain smells. People immediately notice a foul smell when they sit in their vehicle. This is caused by detailers not thoroughly drying your car before closing all the doors. Also, using cheap/ non branded chemicals attracts interior smells.


Water Spots

This is one of the most common problem which occur if a unprofessional detailer doesn’t wipe down your vehicle with towels thoroughly. Always keep a microfiber towel in your car to wipe away any excess water on the exterior.

What Our Clients Say?

Ashish Shukla
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I have used their services for 3-4 times now. They are anytime better than any other professional car spa services. Their staff is very hard working and polite. Their all services are provided on your door step & the best part is that there will be 0 disturbances to your neighborhood or to anyone for that matter.
Mohit Sharma
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Highly impressed with the way the service was executed. One of the best detailing service i have ever seen,they use very high quality products and most important no mess, no water wastage and impeccable service. They also gave us complementary tissue box, hand sanitiser.Highly recommend them and will surely call them again❤️
Prateek Redhu
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I was sceptic initially, but in 45 minutes my car was totally transformed. Right from the engine under the bonnet, to every nook and cranny was clean & shiney. I didn't have to venture outside to get my car cleaned up. They came home, worked & delivered. Very impressive. Hardly any water used for the entire service. Steam's the way to go.Thanks..Easylives.in.. highly recommended.
Piyush Verma
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Second time with them, Bad odour in the car is gone after the clean up service, and everything inside looks squeaky clean. Impeccable everytime and would recommend twice a month treatment from EasyLives. Best thing about steam that it doesn't damage electronics of the car. My daily car cleaning guy was surprised to see the car in its cleanest condition another day. Excellent Service. Highly Recommended.

About Us EasyLives

Entrepreneurship is over-glorified and misrepresented on social media . In reality, it is about building a business that solves a problem for a customer.

It is a Gurgaon based start-up company with small team driven by a Lady Entrepreneur  (supported with industry experts and IIM alumini)  who started this journey based on her real problem faced for cleaning the car and pledged to contribute to society in different way.

car protection

Everyone wishes to get the improved efficiency and speed of their favorite car. There are some vital reasons you should opt for a car wash at home Gurgaon session. 

  • The improved lifespan of a car Clean cars maintain their appearance for a long time. Opt for doorstep car wash and dry cleaning in Gurgaon, as vehicles that are periodically cleaned look fresh and smell clean. In addition, cars cleaned regularly last for longer in terms of appearance and the protection of the interior components.

  • Removal of dirt A car that serves your transportation needs periodic cleaning of the exterior and interior. To eliminate the dirt accumulating on the surface, including rain marks and dust, it is crucial to opt for a car wash at home Gurgaon. Taking care of the dirt inside your car ensures that the dirt won’t end up affecting the visual appearance. In addition, damaged interior parts, like the malfunctioning air cooling system, spoil the vehicle.

  • Good Impression Everyone wishes to have a tidy vehicle as it also conveys a message of responsibility. Car dry cleaning at home in Gurgaon shows how respectful you are towards your purchased items. 

  • Boosted Resale Value Car steam cleaning services significantly increase the value of its resale. Cleaning regularly maintains the paint finish, serving as a significant factor in determining the resale price. A regular cleaning schedule for the inside of your car increases the value of its resale. Taking measures to ensure that your vehicle is sparkling and clean is a reflection of your personality.

  • Improved Energy Efficiency A vehicle with less pollution uses less fuel. It’s worth understanding that the car’s surfaces are intended to be smooth and aerodynamic, allowing it to glide effortlessly through the airspace. Dirt hinders the aerodynamic capability of your vehicle, and thus it becomes challenging to penetrate winds and increase drag. Opt for Best Car Cleaning Services in Gurgaon from a reputed team of car wash professionals like EasyLives as clean surfaces improve energy efficiency. Regular maintenance of your vehicle can lower your vehicle’s carbon footprint.

  • Protection from UV Rays Keeping your car properly washed and waxed ensures the protection of your vehicle from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Besides, it cuts down on debris collection on the vehicle’s surface, which helps preserve the finish. Investing in car washes helps protect your vehicle from damage due to UV rays.

  • Protection from Rust Rust needs to be avoided on vehicles because rust keeps spreading. This is one of the prime reasons why you should opt for frequent car washes and auto detailing services to protect your vehicle from rust. Protection from rust improves your vehicle. Additionally, it helps maintain the vehicle’s value, lifespan, and quality.