Your car may suffer damage from severe weather. Keeping your car in perfect condition in different seasons is a big challenge. This blog from easylives door step car service will help you in giving you valuable tips and information to protect it in the harshest of climatic conditions.

In some parts of India, we witness extreme cold areas of India, unlike in other parts of India. Therefore, it’s very important to keep your car for the winter in the appropriate manner. Lifespan of your car will be extended as a result. The cost of maintenance or repairs may be lowered with proper car care. These are some of the important areas to be taken care of.  For you by easylives doorstep car service

Car battery

It is difficult to manage your battery during winters than in summer . In summer your poor battery condition will not pose that problem, but, in winter due to cold it might not work that well. Always get the battery checked before you begin for long journey. If needed better to replace the battery, to prevent yourself  getting in problem.

Car lights

In winters the days are shorter and many a times foggy. So, it is very important to make sure that your car lights (head light, reverse lights, turn signal lights) are working well.

Before, you set for long journey, better to get them checked or replaced if needed.

Engine oil/coolant

Switching to lighter engine oil is better in winter season. Time to time filling of coolant cannot always solve the issue. Before filling the engine oil and the coolant it is always better to go through the manuals for advice and guidance..

Windshield wipers

The windscreen wipers are many times neglected throughout the year. But, during winters, due to fog and cold you need to check them, if needed replaced, as, they go through lot of wear and tear.

Windshield for cracks

During winter, naturally due to cold every morning frost starts forming layers on the windscreen. Due to which your visibility is hampered. Sometimes due to our busy schedule, we tend to ignore any cracks on the window screen, which can lead to accidents as well, as it gives poor visibility.

Your window screen should be clean spotlessly and to avert any mishap advised to replace if cracks are there. as it helps in keeping at bay things like snow, fog, rain, and wind from entering the cabin. The climate control system or the defroster can be used to balance the temperature inside and outside the car to resolve this is.

By following these tips from Easylives door step service you can have pleasant journey in winters as well.

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