We all know that when it comes to a car wash, it can be challenging to do it correctly. Proper cleaning of the car increases the longevity of the car’s life. That is why there are some tried-and-better methods from our side for cleaning your vehicle thoroughly. Our Easylives doorstep car care will share with you some easy tips to follow.

Use Steam for cleaning

To wash your car, traditionally, water is used, which is a sheer waste of gallons of water. The daily cleaner uses the same cloth, which only cleans the car superficially, and can lead to scratches. Our company Easylives doorstep car cleaning in gurgaon believes in zero wastage of water, therefore we clean the car with steam. The monthly steam wash will not only make your car dirt free, but it also kills the invisible germs which breed inside.

Use only the best chemicals and solutions

If your interior is dirty or has stains, you should go for deep cleaning. We at, Easylives doorstep car wash use the best products to clean it: 3m, Turtle wax, and Maguire.  Your car is precious; therefore good quality products always help the exterior as well as the interior to retain its shine and newness.

Some people use dish-wash soap or shampoo to wash their cars. But make sure to wash your vehicle always with automobile cleaning products. We at Easylives doorstep Steam car wash use the best products as we know; your car is an emotion for you.

Our experienced staffs know in and out of car washing techniques. You just have to tap and connect to us, rest is our headache.

Use only microfiber to clean

Using any substandard clothes will cause micro stains on your car, which slowly makes your car look dull. Always use the best microfiber clothes to retain the paint. Low-quality clothes are harsh to the body of your car. Sometimes the old worn out clothe can damage the shine.

We at easylives doorstep car service believe in giving the customer the best of everything. We use only the best quality microfiber clothes, you can easily buy these from our serviceman.

.Also, using a good-quality brush is necessary. Low-quality brushes can make scratches on the paint. Our doorstep car dry cleaning service in Gurgaon ensures to use of top-quality car wash products that will make your car shine more.

Wash the Car Downwards

Car wash always needs to be done from top to bottom, so the dirt goes downwards. Starting from the bottom will let the dirt go upwards, which you will have to do all over again. First, clean the upper section, then the sheets, and finally, the tires. All of these sections need to be cleaned with the car-wash solution. That is why our doorstep car dry cleaning in Gurgaon does it systematically. Our staff knows where to start, so they don’t create dirt messes. They are well-trained in every aspect of a car wash.

Always Keep the Essentials

Before washing the car, one needs to ensure to have all the essential car-washing things. For example, two buckets, dust removers, dirt shields, hose pipes, glass cleaners, car wax, etc. Without these things, cleaning cars won’t be possible. That is where our Easylives staff comes with all the necessary kits to your doorstep car wash in Gurgaon. They are equipped with everything and won’t demand anything from your side.

Final Words

To conclude, after washing the car, drying it is also necessary. But using worn-out bathrobes or beach towels harm the newly-washed car’s paint. That is why always use towels with microfiber to ensure the vehicle is fine after getting washed. Thus, the color will remain scratch-free thanks to the microfiber substance.

So, if you are planning to wash your car in Gurgaon and need to know the steps by which cars need to be washed, you must opt for our service. Our team follows all these 5 best ways to wash your car. They ensure that your car gets as new as before every time we clean it. So, our doorstep car dry cleaning service in Gurgaon is always here to wash your car in the best possible way.

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