Premium Car Wash

E04- Exterior Rubbing – Full body & POLISH- Advanced

Service brief- What we do ?

Over the time, car paint attracts scratches, swirls marks, dullness due to effects of UV radiation, sunlight, salty water, bird droppings, air pollution and acid rain etc. We are here to solve all these problems with the help of rubbing and polishing of car body to give a complete NEW LOOK and make it look SHINY. Below are the treatments covered under this service.


  • Exterior body Steam Wash
  • 3M rubbing compounds using rotor machine
  • Minor scratches and paint marks removal
  • 3M/Turtle wax waxing using rotor machine
  • All glass cleaning
  • Exterior trim shine
  • Tyre dressing
  • Logo detailing
  • Alloy wheel detailing

★ Complementary

  • Perfume dangler

Service suggested:

      Once in a 3 months

Benefits of this service:

  • Helps in removing oxidized paint, removes minor scratches, paint marks, and smooth imperfections in the paint where wax lays down a layer of protection and removes material to reveal clean smooth paint.
  • Waxed surface with shiled & shine paint protection up to 6 months
  • Protects from harmful sunlight and UV light to give a dark, clean and shiny paint.
  • Gets rid of any dullness in the paint.
  • Brings hydrophobic effect to avoid water retention.

Post Service Care

  • Protect your car from water for next 48 hrs of service for the best result.
  • Shampoo your car once in 15 days with wax shampoo.
  • Avoid parking your car in the sunlight.
  • Use only wet microfiber cloth to wipe your car paint and windows.
  • For long lasting results, go for our paint protection service (service code : E007 )
  • Opt for our Essential steam wash – Easylives Subscription plan to maintain your car.