Sedan - Premium Car Wash

E01 : Premium Essential Steam Wash

Service brief- What we do ?

 This is a essential service package which has been designed to meet the overall service requirement of our esteemed customers. Under this service, complete clean-up of exterior and interior are done through our state of art vacuuming and steaming process. Below are the services covered under this value package.


  • Exterior body part Steam Wash, Glass cleaning  
  • Black parts and tyre dressing & alloy polishing.
  • Quick shine waxing


  • Interior vacuuming & dusting,
  • Interior Steam Wash
  • Dashboard and all plastic part cleaning and polishing
  • Side door cleaning & polishing
  • Interior glass cleaning
  • Disinfectant spray.

★ Complementary

  • Perfume dangler

Service suggested:

  1. Once in a month/Fortnight
  2. The purpose of service is to provide basic wash to your car exterior & interior to  get below benefits for improving the driving experience.

     3.  If you need deep cleaning of your car interior and exterior, we suggest to opt of other service category

Benefits of this service:

  • Complete clean-up is done for both external and internal area to enhance the driving comfort
  • Branded solutions are used ( 3 M, Maguire’s & Turtle wax  products ) to maintain hygiene inside the car.
  • Steam cleaning of exterior body helps to clean away acid rain, dirt and road salt that cause rust and corrosion to your car. It results into completely new look to car with a shining exterior.
  • Our interior cleaning is done through steam wash along with dusting, vacuuming for complete disinfection of car and free from odour.
  • Black parts’ polishing is done with 3M polish for even tone shine.
  • Quick dressing-up of your car is done by touching all parts of car both internally and externally through our efficient service, keeping in mind the time constraint of our customer.


  • Opt for our Essential steam wash – Easylives Subscription plan to maintain your car.