Hygiene is the most important thing these days, at home as well as in your car.  We spend many hours in commuting to office or to a new place in holidays with family in our car; it is just like our second home. We eat while travelling, bring veggies and take our pets for a joy ride, and all these things contribute in breeding of germs. AC vents another part which can be the cesspool of germs to breed.

What you can do to keep your car cleaning?


   11 Tips for Car Cleaning


  • Try not to eat inside the vehicle, even if you are careful, some of it falls on the seats. Before you leave your car at night, check, don’t leave any food inside the car.
  • Always keep a little trash bag in the car to put any wrapper and eatables in it. Everyday remove the bag to throw in the dustbin. Never leave food items to rot inside the car.
  • Keep your AC vent clean, keep long brush specially meant for AC cleaning and clean it if possible every alternate day. You can take help of professionals like doorstep car cleaning in gurgaon like Easylives door step car service.
  • Once in a week clean your car with vacuum cleaner, all the nooks and crannies, where your hands can’t reach to remove any residuals of food or dirt. If you do not have the time then, you can call car steam cleaning services available in your city.
  • To keep your car smelling good, there is plethora of items available these days. There are perfume danglers, sprays and many more options available now days. Doorstep car wash Company like Easylives doorstep car wash give odour free treatment, which helps in removing bad odour to a large extent.
  • Give your car a steam wash every fortnight. Cleaning the car with steam not only cleans the car in the best way, as the steam reaches the nooks and corners; it also kills 98 percent germs without wasting water. It also keeps your car odour free. You can avail  Car Steam wash service at your Doorstep from Easylives.
  • Once in a 15 days or one month, get your car completely cleaned by car cleaning professionals.
  • Get your car interior treated with germ/odour free once in a month to maintain hygiene inside the car. Easylives Eco car wash (Doorstep Service) provides steam wash of service to make your germ /Odour free.
  • If you travel in car with your pet, Pl clean your car with pet mess kit.
  • Get your car interior dry cleaned ( at your home ) by car care professionals ( at least once in a quarter ) to keep your car tidy and shiny.  Pl. visit us www.easylives.in for car dry cleaning at home.
  • Below  DIY ( Do It Yourself )  essential products of good brands  ( Turtle wax, Meguiars & 3M )  are recommended to keep handy to maintain your  car :
  1. For Interior:

    • Car perfume

    • Odour spray

    • 24 HRS Disinfectant spray

    • Easy dash & glass interior detailer spray

     For Exterior:

    • Carnauba Spray cleaner wax  ( to keep your car exterior shiny )

    • Trim Restorer ( transforms  dull exterior plastic & rubber to like new )

    • Tyre polish

Easylives Doorstep car wash service delivers all auto maintenance essential DIY products at your doorstep. You can check our website and order all DYI products at your convenience.

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