Rubbing Polish

Service brief- What we do ?

This service is meant for cleaning and protecting windshield of cars. Under this treatment, hard water marks and oxidation is removed, and a fine protective layer is quoted to provide clear vision to drive during night as well as during rainy season. This improves all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort.

Benefits of this service:

  • Helps during night drives – No Glare
  • Removes all hard water stains – hence improving visibility
  • Avoids future hard water mark stains for minimum of up t 6 months
  • Disperses rain on windshield and reduces the need for wipers.
  • Keeps windshield glass clean and dust free.
  • Improves all weather visibility, safety and driving comfort.

Post Service Care

  • Avoid wiping window windshields with dry clothes.
  • Use only wet microfiber to clean and wiper the windows.
  • Change the wipers in every 6 months without fail.
  • After coating do not ash or wipe the car for 3 days.