Car Diamond


Premium Interior Deep Cleaning SPA +  Rubbing & Polish ( Full body ) with Shield & Paint Protection.

Pamper your car with the Diamond Spa for new & gorgeous Interior and Exterior. Under this service, we provide complete restoration of its look inside out focusing on each and every part of your car with a goal to enhance driving experience.


  • Thorough dry-cleaning of roof, seats , upholstery , Seat belt ,carpet & boot
  • Deep cleaning of Dashboard and Plastic parts Steering column
  • AC vent brushing and all glass cleaning
  • Interior deep vacuum cleaning
  • Polishing black parts and vinyls ,
  • Disinfection treatment
  • Odour eliminator treatment
  • Leather conditioning after dry cleaning
  • Interior Steam wash


  • Exterior body Steam Wash
  • 3M rubbing compounds using rotor machine
  • Minor scratches and paint marks removal
  • 3M/Turtle wax waxing using rotor machine
  • All glass cleaning
  • Exterior trim shine
  • Tyre dressing
  • Logo detailing
  • Alloy wheel detailing


  • Perfume dangler
  • Tissue box
  • Wiper fluid top up
  • Air pressure check and filling

Price Table

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Service Suggested : Once in a 6 months

Benefits of this service

  • Helps in removing oxidized paint, removes minor scratches, paint marks, and smooth imperfections in the paint where wax lays down a layer of protection and removes material to reveal clean smooth paint.
  • Waxed surface with shiled & shine paint protection up to 6 months
  • Protects from harmful sunlight and UV light to give a dark, clean and shiny paint. Stains, marks, dirt, dust and any foul smell causing particle from inside of the car are removed.
  • We make your car germ free,neat, clean and tidy.
  • Odour free treatment is done
  • You get best results as we use only branded 3M/ Turtle wax organic solutions.
  • Complete interior steam wash is done
  • Leather conditioning is done to enhance the durability of leather seat.
  • Brings back new look, shine and durability of fabic and plastic part
  • Enhance driving experience by bringing healthy environment inside the car.

Post Service care

Interior :

  • If seats are fabric, please keep your car window half shut for 3/4 hours to let the air in to dry the seat for the best result.


  • In case of Leather /leatherite, please keep your car window half shut for 1/2 hours to let the air in to dry the seat for the best result.


  • Protect your car from water for next 48 hrs of service for the best result.
  • Shampoo your car once in 15 days with wax shampoo.
  • Avoid parking your car in the sunlight.
  • Use only wet microfiber cloth to wipe your car paint and windows.
  • For long lasting results, go for our paint protection service (service code : E007 )
  • Opt for our Essential steam wash – Easylives Subscription plan to maintain your car.